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HT Mica Strip Heaters


HT Mica Strip Heater

TUTCO HT Mica Strip heaters are a cost-effective and reliable way to provide uniform heat over a flat surface. Best suited for low to moderate temperatures, our Mica Strip heaters offer a wide variety shapes, sizes and termination styles.

Mica Strips feature thin construction and high-quality insulation for effective heat transfer and excellent dielectric qualities.

Expedited Service Available

Our standard lead-time on this product is 10-15 business days; however, a 5-business day expedite is available for a fee. Anything less than 5 business days will have to be approved by manufacturing. When requesting a quote, please be sure to indicate any time-sensitive requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Computer calculated design.
  • Quality mica electrical insulation.
  • Ribbon resistor offers broad surface contact for extended life.
  • Welded terminal attachments to resistor.
  • Heat resistant sheath material.
  • Variety of screw or lead terminations and arrangements.
  • Mounting holes available upon request.


  • Heating rubber platens
  • Compression molding
  • Heating inks
  • Sealing bars


  • Heating rubber platens
  • Compression Molding
  • Heating inks
  • Sealing bars