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Duct Heaters

Duct Heaters

TUTCO manufactures efficient Electric Duct Heaters for every heating application. Designed to handle large volumes of air in residential and commercial HVAC applications, our electric duct heaters are installed into air handling systems and can be used as stand-alone solutions or as part of a larger multi-zone system. TUTCO Duct Heaters are uniquely designed to provide a free flow of air in either direction and provide the lowest pressure drop. Control panels can be integrated onto the heater or remotely located. Many heater control accessory options are available. 
Duct Heaters
E-Series Flip-Able Duct Heaters

The E-Series Flip-Able Duct Heater has been specifically designed, developed, and tested with symmetry in mind and can be installed in four different positions.

Duct Heaters
E-Series VAV Flip-Able Duct Heaters

TUTCO’s E-Series VAV Flip-Able Duct Heater has been specifically designed, developed, and tested with symmetry in mind eliminating the need for left and right-handed designs.

Duct Heaters
R-Series Round Duct  Heaters

TUTCO’s R-Series Round Duct Heaters are available in 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ diameters.

Duct Heaters
UL Listed Outdoor Duct Heaters

TUTCO offers a custom UL Listed duct heater for outdoor applications.

Duct Heaters
DHD Series Duct Heaters

Custom duct heaters (sizes up to 120″ x 144″) built for use with TUTCO remote control panel. Consult factory for pricing and panel size for DHD Series heaters.

Duct Heaters
RMC Remote Panels

Control Panels designed for use with specific TUTCO DHD Series duct heaters.

Duct Heaters
Duct Heater Accessories

TUTCO offers a range of engineered heating solutions, including contactors, specialty switches, power and safety fusing, SSRs and controllers, for every project and required specification.  

Duct Heaters
Custom Duct Heaters

Custom Electric Duct Heaters are designed to meet the unique engineering specifications required for demanding commercial or residential HVAC applications.


  • Primary Heating
  • Secondary Heating
  • Space Heating
  • Auxiliary Heating
  • Reheating / Recirculating Air
  • Multi-zone and VAV Heating

Why choose TUTCO Duct Heaters?  Benefits:

  • Greater Convenience and Accessibility – TutQuotes quoting software allows you to easily build a quote and get your bids out quicker!
  • Increased Versatility – The E-Series Flip-Able Duct Heater line has been specifically designed, developed and tested with symmetry in mind eliminating the need for right and left-handed designs. This one heater may be installed in four different positions.
  • Refined Efficiency – This product also offers higher duct to heat coverage, and more kilowatt options in all sizes compared to the competition.
  • Established Certifications – UL 1996 Listed with UL and ETL.