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Cartridge Heaters


Cartridge Heaters

TUTCO Cartridge / Insertion heaters are available in high-temperature and standard models that provide excellent heat transfer efficiency and a watt density of up to 100 W/in2. Hi-Temp Cartridge Heaters offer the very best price per performance ratio with the highest number of customizable options. 
Cartridge Heaters
Hi-Temp Cartridge Heaters

TUTCO’s Hi-Temp Cartridge Heater is an extremely durable swaged insertion product made for high temperature applications. It is made to withstand a sheath temperature of up to 1400 °F (760 °C), internally up to 1600 °F (871 °C). Its swaged construction provides superior heat transfer and resistance to vibration. 

Cartridge Heaters
Standard Cartridge Heaters

TUTCO also stocks many standard cartridge heaters with a maximum sheath temperature of 1000°F (538°C). Dual voltage and three-phase options are available on select diameters. TUTCO engineers can work with you to design and manufacture custom cartridge / insertion heating solutions in multiple shapes, lengths, connectors and with distributed or zoned wattages. 

Stocked Cartridge Heaters

TUTCO stocks high quality popular sizes of cartridge heaters to fit most conductive insertion heated applications. With a maximum sheath temperature of 1000°F (538°C), TUTCO standard cartridge heaters offer superior heat transfer and durable long-lasting life.


TUTCO electric cartridge heaters are ideal for applications with high heat and excessive vibration characteristics including industrial machines processes like hot stamping, heat-staking, sealing bars, forming and heating platens. Cartridge heaters are commonly used in food, pharmaceutical, packaging, plastics and other industrial markets.  Cartridges can be modified to meet the demands of special applications. It is not uncommon to find insertion heaters in pellet stoves, recreational vehicle furnaces and refridgerators, electronic control cabinets, aerospace, aviation and automotive applications. Our engineers can utilize a variety of alternative features and options to customize the heater to your specific needs.